• The Snob: Why does this franchise still exist?
  • (Title card)
  • The Snob: In case you wondered, Technic Heroes was created to sponsor a energy drink found mainly in El Kadsre.
  • (Cut to the CBS/FOX FBI Warning screen, which briefly cuts to a still of the CBS/Fox logo a few times)
  • The Snob: In case you didn't know this film is gonna be another bore to sit through for an American, on my VHS copy of the film, the CBS/Fox logo really wants the FBI Warning to hurry up so it can animate!
  • (Cut to the CBS/Fox logo with some tracking problems)
  • The Snob: And when it does animate, the tracking on the tape wants the CBS/Fox logo to hurry up too.
  • (Miramax logo appears)
  • The Snob: Miramax brought us this film again...
  • (Credits play)
  • The Snob: ...and Sung Gim got her son and brother to help manage the film's production!
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