• Brad: I can't believe I got to see Sagwa's movie a fourth time! First with the G cut, second for my Cinema Snob review, third for me and Doug's review, and now this!
  • Brian: Yeah!
  • Brad: You know, this is my first time watching it in the PG cut, in an actual theater. When I saw it back in 2008, it was the Kidtoon re-release which used the TV cut blown up for widescreen, and re-rated G. I saw at the Cinema in Taylorville, which was 36 minutes outside Springfield. The moment I came to the box office, I literally just mumbled "One for Sagwa", and the guy at the booth was like "Huh?". So he just printed the ticket and was like "Here you go... have fun." Like, he actively wanted me to not actually view the movie with my eyes.
  • Brian: Wow, guess he wasn't a fan of the Chinese Siamese Cat!
  • Brad: When I got into the theater where it was being screened... there was literally no-one in the theater aside from, like, a class of daycare students in the way back of the rows. Also, the kids laughed at almost every joke and some of them were crying at Sheegwa's death scene!
  • Brian: Yeah, must have sucked to be one of like, 4, grown adults in the screening!
  • Brad: The latest screening was a non-Kidtoon matinee for kids... and we were the only ones there, so we got to say whatever the f*** we wanted!
  • Brian: Yep, we got to pretty much say any single thing we wanted and not get busted. Nobody else was f***ing there!
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