Fictional variants of TV Powww.

City/Market Local name Host Show Featured on Network Air dates
Glonisla, El Kadsre TV Powww! Mikey Stransky Kidlandia on GTV 3 GTV 3
Vlokozu Union TV Powww! Ernest Liberato
Gaylord Archer
Leo Sullivan
Saturday Banushen Banushen Television 1983-1987


Vlokozu Union/El Kadsre

Banushen Television aired TV Powww! as part of Saturday Banushen from 1983-1987. Ernest Liberato was the first presenter of the game, then Gaylord Archer and Leo Sullivan were presenters of the game. There was a spaceship game, a boxing game and a soccer/football game.

In the early 2000's, KadsreTV broadcaster GTV 3 attempted a revival of TV Powww!, hosted by Mikey Stransky and featuring Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games played via either a Super Game Boy (for Game Boy games) or a Game Boy Player (for Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games). Other times, Neo Geo Pocket Color games were played (often SNK Gals' Fighters was used), with the console being hooked up to a special signal converter via the link cable port. Children would yell "Pow!" over the telephone, with a production crew member pressing the fire button in the broadcast control room in time with the yelling of "Pow!"


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