Figgelmünch Film Animation is a animation studio located in Figgelmünch, a city in Puerto Chango. Was founded in 1956, for only to produce television commercials. Their first animated series is La Mafia Gatuna in 1963. Only the studio is very focused on the limited animation (in the style of Japanese animation, meaning reused animation, stiff animation, rotoscoping, and stock footage) until the 1980s, when is focused on the full animation. The current animation is producing in the studio, it is very much inspired by Japanese animation, as some series belong to the theme "Western Shonen" (a mix between Japanese shonen and American superheroes), "Western Seinen" (for the youth adult audience) or "Animal Comedy" (inspired by the Hanna-Barbera and Warner Bros. cartoons).

The series was a success across Europe are Mumfie el Castor (Animal Comedy), El Puma Blanco (Western Shonen) and Bounty Hunter (Western Seinen)

It also sells candy and toys based off it's characters in toy stores, department stores, and railroad stations.

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