Filase is a territory controlled by El Kadsre and Gau. It is located in Gauese Archipelago between Gau, Unikingdom and Zaurick.


As a province of Gau: 1927-1972

As a Vlokozu Union territory: 1972-1989

As an El Kadsreian and Gauese territory: 1989-present


The population of the territory is about 12,323,524 (2019 estimate).


The territory's television networks are: El TV Kadsre Filase, GBC Filase (affiliated with GBC1), TV3 (affiliated with Fox), BTV Filase, RTL Filase (affiliated with RTL Gau), FTB (affiliated with Channel 18), KTN (affiliated with GNN), RBC (affiliated with FNNG), FT14 (affiliated with Viva Television), TV 6 Filase, RGN21 (affiliated with RGN) and Filasen Public Television.

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