GamePixar is an Swedish video game company headquartered in Limmared.

It is known for publishing games for several acclaimed video game franchises including Sonic Pixar,YourCrazyVideo Game,The Smile Monster,The Hero War and The Bad Guys.


N64 and Playstation Area (1997-2001)

GamePixar was founded in 1 April 1997, the first game at all was Sonic Pixar 64. and also GamePixar is sucessful company and that game company was famous.

The Golden Area (2001-2007)

GamePixar has reached $100.3 billion dollars and make more games such as Baldi Basics 2,Inhalfside and The Smile Monster.

GamePixar-SF (2007-2010)

Myorcraft quits GamePixar becuase they don't wanna to sued this company so that means SF will be successor of GamePixar.

Mordern GamePixar (2010-2018)

GamePixar is making The Kingdom of Seveal which was famous games and they making more games before they are 1th game company,

Filmstaden Games (2018-present)

During 2018 they will rebranding from GamePixar to "Filmstaden Games" due to They don't wanna to Pixar to sued this company.

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