Fishing Simulator (釣りシミュレータ, Tsuri shimyurēta) is a fishing game developed by Gaming Game.



The Gameplay from the NES Release

The main objective is to hold the A (B for the SNES version) button to move down the stick until you catch a fish if you find an evil fish, you lose, but if you got 3 good fishes, you move on to the next level, the L in the right of the stick stands for level, if you move on to the next level, the number after the L increases by 1, for example, if you catch 3 good fishes in level 1, L1 will turn into L2, it is even explained in The manual.


A Scan From The Manual

The Fisher

in April 1990, The Company Created the Fisher, It is an NES Controller in the Form Of a Fishing Stick, If You Move Down The Fishing Stick, It Will (Repeatedly) Trigger the A Button.


IGN, Electronic Gaming Monthly, and Nintendo Power Ranked this Game 10/10.


in July 1989, The Creator got an idea to make a Fishing Simulator that Everyone can Enjoy, The Game Was Finished in 8 Months.


NES Release

SNES Release

Anti-Piracy Measures

When You Catch Fish, If The Game detects it is Pirated, The Game Will Freeze and a Bleeping Noise will Play.

Anniversary Editions

1st Anniversary Edition


Screenshot of The Game Boy Version.

in March 1991, The Game Celebrated Its 1st Anniversary, To Celebrate This, Gaming Game Released Fishing Simulator: 1st Anniversary Editon for the Sega Genesis, The Game Gear, The Sega Master System, and The Game Boy, The HUD in The Game Boy Release has been moved to the Bottom, possibly due to the Game Boy's Lower Resolution, The Game Boy Version Has a Difference, Instead of the Fish turning blue when underwater, The Fish Turns Dark Underwater Due To The Game Boy Not Having Color, The Game Boy Version added Sawtooth, 99% Pulse, Sine, And Any of The Instruments not bundled with the NES Hardware.

5th Anniversary Edition


Screenshot from The Windows 95 Version

The Year was 1995 and The NES has been Discontinued, The SNES Version was shown at E3 and CES, At Nintendo SpaceWorld, They Announced that a Demo Version was going to be available on the Satellaview (often known as BS-X), in That Same Year, However, The Game Was Ported on the 32X, the Sega Saturn, The PlayStation, The 3DO, Philips CDI, Atari Jaguar, Windows 95, The Sega CD, And The Game Boy (With Super Game Boy Enhancements), The Windows 95 Version has MIDI Music as well as a Semi-Transparent Water, however, If The Game Boy Version is Played on The Super Game Boy, The Music gets enhanced to just 7 channels (to prevent sound effects from interrupting the Music), The Graphics Had Color, and A Custom Border (depending on the Level), It Was Also Released for the Sega Pico in the US.

10th Anniversary Edition


Screenshot of The Game Boy Color Version

During The New Millenium, The Game was a Decade Old, To Celebrate This, The Game Was Ported on the Game Boy Color, The PS2, Windows 98/ME, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, and The Dreamcast, The Dreamcast Version is Identical To The Windows 95 Release mentioned above, except this time, It Uses a CD Soundtrack instead of MIDI Music, The same goes for the Windows 98/ME Version, The Windows 2000 Version uses MP3 Music instead of CD Soundtrack, The PS2 Version is in 2.5D, The Game Boy Color Version added Color, though the HUD is in Black and White, while the Graphics look nearly identical to the original NES release, It Was Also Released on the Wonderswan in Japan Via the WonderOnlineSwan Service, A Website Called was Created.

15th Anniversary Edition


The Fan art from the Contest

in 2004, Gaming Game started a contest where People Make Fan Art related to the Game, The Winner was an Art Where Fish talk with each other, The Winner got a Demo Disk of Fishing Simulator: 15th Anniversary Edition for the XBOX, John King (The Producer of Gaming Game) Uploaded The Art to his DeviantArt Account, A Year Later, in 2005, Furaffinity was launched, So John King (The Producer of Gaming Game) was dressed as a furry, created a Furaffinity Account and the First Art is, of course, The Art from the Contest, a few months later, Fishing Simulator: 15th Anniversary Edition was released on the XBOX, Windows XP, Nokia Phones, Leapster, LeapPad, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation Portable, and on Steam, Nintendogs was released in that same year so Gaming Game Collaborated with Nintendo to Create a Multicart called Fishing Simulator: 15th Anniversary Edition + Nintendogs: Chihuahua & Friends, The Game Was Also Available through America Online, though it is based on the Windows XP Version, a YouTube Channel called fishingsimulator was created, This is The First Time Fishing Simulator was Released on Steam.

20th Anniversary Edition


Screenshot of the Windows 7 Version

on December 2009, Said YouTube Channel uploaded a video called 2010 is Coming, in February 2010, A Countdown for the Release Was Made, a Month Later, in March 2010, Fishing Simulator: 20th Anniversary Edition was released for the XBOX 360, PS3, Nintendo DSi, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Gameplayer 2000, and on Steam (replacing the 15th Anniversary Edition), The YouTube Channel Uploaded a Video called Happy 20th Birthday Fishing Simulator, A Subreddit called r/FishingSimulator was also made.

25th Anniversary Edition


Youtube Channel Banner

December 2014 is the Day Where Said Youtube Channel Changed The Banner and uploaded A Video called the Fishing History, in February 2015, Satoru Iwata Got the Demo Version for the 3DS and played it Before he passed away, a month later, The Game Was Released for the Nintendo 3DS (with New Nintendo 3DS Enhancements), XBOX ONE, PS4, PlayStation Vita, and Windows 8, It Was Also Available on Steam (replacing the 20th Anniversary Edition), The Nintendo eShop Theme was changed to a Remix of the Main Theme of Fishing Simulator, The YouTube Channel Name Was Also Changed to Fishing Simulator (with capital letters and a space). however. After Iwata Passed Away, The YouTube Channel Uploaded a Video Called Here Lies Iwata, In This Video, The Fishes are dressed up as Japanese Nintendo Employees, They Saw a Green Pipe (A Reference to Super Mario Bros.), The Fishes went on a Pipe and Saw a Tombstone saying The Following Thing:

Here Lies Iwata

He Was Battling against Cancer, And He Suddenly Passed Away


He is 55 Years Old

That Means Mario Maker is not made by Iwata because The Game is still in development.

30th Anniversary Edition


The Art

on December 2019, The YouTube Channel Uploaded a Video Called Fishing Remix, The Video is a Remix of The Main Theme of Fishing Simulator, this time, it is different from the theme heard in the eShop on 2015, on January 2020, An Art called #StopCoronavirus was uploaded by John King (The Producer of Gaming Game) on Not Only his DeviantArt Account but also on his Furaffinity Account (when dressed as a furry), The Art Features, of course, The Fish From Fishing Simulator with a Sign Saying:

Please Stop


LucianoTheWindowsFan Uploaded a Video called Evil Fish Hates Fishing Simulator's Upcoming 30th Anniversary/Grounded, on February 2020, due to Coronavirus, Gaming Game announced that The Game will not come to China, on March 2020, Fishing Simulator: 30th Anniversary Edition Was Released on Windows 10, Microsoft Store, and on Steam (replacing the 25th Anniversary Edition).

Special Edition

The Difference is that the Loch Ness Monster is Replaced with COVID-19.


NES Version

Special thanks to Nintendon't for the main theme, It has a Kirby-Esque feel, Though Fishing Simulator came out earlier.

Music Duration Preview
Main Theme 1:25
Caught A Fish! 0:01
Oh No, I Caught

The Loch Ness




  • Unlike other third-party games and just like Gaming Game's other games (except for Stickventures and the GG Flashback games), They used the black box design from NES launch titles (including Super Mario Bros.), This doesn't apply to the cartridge
  • A demo of the SNES version was available on the Satellaview in 1995 and was broadcasted until 1996
  • Speeding up the Main Theme of the NES Version reveals that it is actually a Slow version of Open Waters of Kirby's Adventure (though it came out after Fishing Simulator), Which led to Gaming Game suing HAL Laboratory and Nintendo.
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