Fiugeyhery is a country in the Kadersaryinan Islands.


Historical affiliations Period
Kingdom of Tashein 650-1570
Couronian Tashein 1565-1569
Polish-Lithuanian Tashein 1569-1690
First Republic of Fiugeuland 1690-1805
Grand Duchy of Fiugeuland 1805-1815
Flag of Russia Russian Tashein 1815-1825;


Second Republic of Fiugeuland 1825-1835
First Republic of Lemongo 1835-1850
United Union of Tashein 1917-1941
Tasheini Kubivov State 1941-1943
Third Republic of Lemongo 1940-1950
Emirate of Jahydifaef 1950-1970
Third Republic of Fiugeuland 1977-1985
Federation of Tashein 1985-1991
Flag of Jahydifaef (1970-1991) Republic of Jahydifaef 1970-1977


Republic of Sialeh 1985-1990
Flag of Fiugeyhery Fiugeyhery 1991-present
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