The Flag of Grassland or Grasslandic flag (Grasslandic: Fleg Gwjereln) is a bicolour consisting of 2 horizontal bands displaying the national colours of Grassland: blue and green (Grasslandic: Grin-Bleu). The flag was first adopted as the national flag of modern Grassland in 1919, during the Grasslandic Republic, until 1941.

Since the mid-19th century, Grassland has two competing traditions of national colours, Green-blue and Red-white. Blue-green were the colours of the 1863-64 Republic, interwar Grassland of 1919-1941 and the Republic (since 1945). They were also adopted by the Grasslandic SSR (1949-1987), albeit, since 1959, with an additional ('socialist') coat of arms.

The colours red-white appeared for the first time only in 1864, in the constitution of the Second Kingdom of Grassland. It kept these colours until 1918/1919. Thereafter, white-red became a symbol of the political right, especially the radical right. The nationalists in 1933 re-established these colours along with the party's own flag. After World War II, red-white was still used by some conservative groups or by groups of the far right - as it is not forbidden, unlike proper nationalist symbols.


The origins of the Grasslandic flag come from the flag of Bredelven(now the state flag) which had eleven horizontal stripes alternating green and white representing the 11 regions that were in the kingdom; in the canton, a crown representing the monarchy on a navy blue field. After Bredelven took over the island the Kingdom of Grassland adopted a new flag inspired from the Bredelvian flag, navy blue on the top like the navy on the canton, and green like the green stripes. This flag was used until 1863 when there was a democratic revolution and they adopted a new flag based on the old flag; the only big difference was that the blue was changed from a dark blue to a light blue. Only 1 year later the Kingdom came back and, instead of reusing the old navy and green flag, which somehow made it represent the democratic party, they used a red and white flag.


Kingdom of Bredelven

The flag of the Kingdom of Bredelven was 11 stripes alternating white and green, navy blue canton with a crown inside. Since 1474, it has been the state flag and ensign of Grassland. The reason why is because Bredelven was the Kingdom that managed to conquer the whole island of Grassland and the royal family of Grassland is related to the first king of Bredelven. After owning the entire island Bredelven was renamed to the Kingdom of Grassland.

First Kingdom of Grassland

After the first Kingdom was proclaimed, they adopted a flag with navy blue on top and green on the bottom. This was the flag of Grassland for around 400 years until in 1863 there was a democratic revolt and the Grasslandic Republic was formed.

First Grasslandic Republic

The first Grasslandic Republic only lasted a year and its flag was sky blue on top and green on the bottom. In 1864 (the next year) the Grasslandic Republic was overthrown and the Second Kingdom of Grassland was made.

Second Kingdom of Grassland

Because blue and green was now the flag of the democracies, they changed their flag to a

Flag of the Kingdom of Grassland from 1864-1918

bicolour of red and white. During WW1 Grassland sided with the Central Powers and the Central Powers lost so they became the Grasslandic Republic.

Grasslandic Republic

The flag of the Grasslandic Republic was the modern day Grasslandic flag, blue and white until 1941 when it became the Grasslandic Empire.

Grasslandic Empire


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