Floweria, officially known as the Republic of Floweria, is a country located in Eastern Europe. It is known for its unique festivals, historical buildings, and its green and hilly countryside with cherry trees, It is one of the only former Soviet countries to be an English-speaking country, It is also one of the richest countries in the continent


The currency of Floweria is the Flowerian pound (Counnry.png). Its GDP per capita is $575,000, making it richer than the United States, and the total nominal GDP is Counnry.png2 Trillion, making Floweria the richest country in Europe


The population in the country is about 15,678,213 (2020 estimate)


The school days are Tuesday to Friday. The school time is from 9:50 am to 3:00 pm

In High schools, The school time is from 8:45 am to 4:50 pm

Schools are off every a month for Christmas break and Summer break (December to January) (July to August)

Floweria has ranked 5th for the highest educated country in the world.


The country is known for It's own cuisine, many Floweria's cuisines are.

  • Salad-mon - A mouth-watering salmon salad served with salt dressing
  • Flowerian Egg Pasta- Fresh egg pasta in a sauce made from back bacon and vermicelli
  • Corn Spaghetti - Spaghetti topped with a blend of baby sweetcorn and black peppercorn
  • Cardarlic Ice Cream - Creamy, cardamom ice cream served with a rich garlic sauce
  • Spicy European Curry - Spicy curry made with free range eggs and fresh anise
  • Polenta and cardamom crumble - Polenta and black cardamom topped with butter crumble


The largest channel broadcaster in Floweria is FNT which owns channels like FNT1, FNT2, FNT3, and FNT News.

The country's newspapers are often managed by Floweria National Press Co., which is owned by the government.


  • Floweria's dialing code is +570.
  • The marriage age is 21 in Floweria.
  • The driving age is 18 in Floweria.
  • The adult age is 15 in Floweria.
  • The life expectancy is 84.
  • Floweria has 6 national languages, English, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, and French.
  • When referring to something belonging to Floweria, they refer it to as "Flowerian".
  • Despite being a Religious country there are still many LBTQ+ people.
  • Floweria is well known to be the country with the most redheads with a population of 3,456,780 having red hair


Floweria is mostly semi-mountainous and hilly


Main articles: Politics of Floweria, Taxation in Floweria and Federal budget of Floweria.

Floweria's government is a Federal parliamentary republic under a constitutional monarchy.


National Sport of Floweria is Soccer.


Crime is very low on Floweria. The crime rate is 0.7%



Floweria Day is on August 12, celebrating independence, as they went independent on August 12, 1991, from the Soviet Union. Other national holidays are New Years Day, Christmas, Boxing Day, Thanksgiving, and Halloween.

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