Floweria officially known as, Republic of Floweria , is a country located in Europe. It is the richest country in the continent. its Country's Air Pollution Level Is 3.8 Making Floweria 2nd Least Air Polluted Country In The World Next To Internet.

In 1979 Floweria joined the United Nations. In 2000, Floweria joined NATO.


The currency of Floweria is the Flowerian pound (Counnry). Its GDP per capita is $575,000, making it richer than the United States, and the total nominal GDP is Counnry8 Trillion, making Floweria the richest country in Europe


The population in the country is about 15,678,213 (2020 estimate)



The school days are Tuesday to Friday. The school time is from 9:50 am to 3:00 pm

In High schools, The school time is from 8:45 am to 4:50 pm

Schools are off every a month for Christmas break and Summer break (December to January) (July to August)



  • Floweria's dialing code is +570.
  • The marriage age is 21 in Floweria.
  • The driving age is 18 in Floweria.
  • The adult age is 15 in Floweria.
  • The life expectancy is 84.
  • Floweria has 6 national languages, English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and French.
  • When referring to something belonging to Floweria, they refer it to as "Flowerian".
  • Despite being a Religious country there are still many LBTQ+ people.
  • Floweria is well known to be the country with the most redheads with a population of 5,456,780 having red hair




National Sport of Floweria is Soccer.


Crime is low on Floweria. The crime rate is 0.7%



Floweria Day is on November 25, celebrating independence, as they confederated on November 25, 1912. Other national holidays are New Years Day, Christmas, Boxing Day, Thanksgiving, and Halloween.

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