Fluffarella Jones (born August 15, 1970) is a American-born El Kadsreian dancer and artist. She is known as being one of the earliest furries, and remains a figure in the fandom to this day.


Fluffarella was born Milica Olga Kashkarova in Nikolaevsk, Alaska in the United States, and moved to El Kadsre City, Vlokozu Union in 1975. She became a naturalized citizen of the Vlokozu Union in 1978.

She started out as a bit role actress in El TV Kadsre Films' motion pictures, under the name Missy Jones (the Missy part of her name was anglicized from her birth first name Milica).

Milica discovered her love for dressing as animals at age 6, when she painted on whiskers to her face with melting white chocolate.

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