Foodjing! is a fast food and Chinese food chain in YinYangia. The name comes from two words, Food and Beijing! Beijing is added to let people know the restaurant has both fast food and Chinese food. The headquarters are located in Malodin, YinYangia. It is also served in the United States of America, Philippines, Piramca, El Kadsre, Vicnora, Sentan, Seketan, Deconara, Wallace, China, Taiwan, etc. The restaurant was founded in 1909 as a food and drink company called Chinese Food Company. It sells Chinese food. But then it changed to a restaurant in 1940. It is known as the world's most popular Chinese cuisine restaurant ever!


When Foodjing! was founded in 1909, it was then a food and beverage company, like PepsiCo etc. It was known as The Chinese Food Company, headquarters located in Maxing Road, Mou'Xhan, YinYangia. When the company decided to create a restaurant, then they renamed the company to Peking Restaurant. The first Peking Restaurant restaurant was opened in 1941 in Malodin. It was the world's most popular restaurant ever! Again it changed its name to Foodjing in 1967. Now there are a lot of Foodjing! Restaurants worldwide.

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