Forcefield Arcade Trainer: Ultra Arcade Game Challenge (フォースフィールドアーケードトレーナー: ウルトラアーケードゲームチャレンジ) is a video game developed by Forcefield Entertainment for the Nintendo DS and released on January 8, 2010. The game is a collection of various mini-games that allow players to complete various challenges, all of which are based on Forcefield Entertainment arcade games. An iOS version was released in 2012.


The player uses the stylus and/or the controls to complete various challenges, all of which are directly taken from Forcefield Entertainment-developed arcade games, such as Alpha Cresta, StarCore, and Lucky-7. The player must complete these challenges in a very short time limit in order to progress. The further the player goes, the faster that each challenge becomes, and if the player fails three times, then the game will be over.

The player can earn various achievements, known as "pins" in the game, by completing various goals, such as finishing 50 challenges. Pins can unlock brand new challenges that the player can play in the game. The player can also access two other menus; Catalog, which will allow the player to play any of the challenges from the menu instead of having to play it through the various game modes, and Gallery, which will allow the player to play various ports of Forcefield Entertainment games.

Gallery Mode

As mentioned above, the player can unlock various ports of Forcefield Entertainment arcade games by gaining certain amounts of pins in the game. The following games are included in the game:

  • Alpha Cresta
  • Attack Battalion
  • Bitter Chocolate
  • Cyber Fox
  • Galaxy Shot '91
  • Lucky-7
  • StarCore
  • Super Block Breaker 2
  • UFO-Kun


Forcefield Arcade Trainer received from mixed to positive reviews, with criticisms being the small amount of bonus material and a small selection of challenges. However, the game was well-received for its amount of replay value and selection of included arcade games.

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