Forcefield Fever Park, also known as simply Fever Park, was an amusement park constructed in 1993 by Forcefield and was located in Osaka, Japan. The park was later renewed in 1998 as Super Fever Park and the park closed down entirely in June 2003. The park was demolished shortly after and was converted into an apartment complex in January 2009.


Paradise Hub

  • BakuBaku Expedition: A dark ride where players would use light guns to shoot attacking animals.
  • Danger Castle: Haunted house attraction. Based on the arcade game of the same name.
  • Arcadia Centre: Game center.
  • Cascade River: Boat tour that would travel along the park.
  • Phantom Shinkensen: Monorail to travel to and from Phantom Castle.

Clockwork Square

  • Project Breeder - StarCore Training Operative: A light gun game based on the StarCore franchise that could seat 48 players.
  • Glass Chamber- House of mirrors.
  • Rumbling Motocross: Go-kart area. Renovated as Hyperstar Wave in 1998.
  • Fortune Telling Booth: A large sphere that answers various questions.

Carnival Arcade

  • Section-F: Forcefield-owned game center.
  • Dart-Panic: Tag-like game that lasts for 5 minutes.
  • Bitter Chocolate Market: Prize area. Named after the arcade game Bitter Chocolate.

Phantom Castle

  • Warping Mansion: Haunted house attraction where the mansion would twist around as people walk through it.
  • Q-4 Virus: Light gun arcade game attraction based on an apocalyptic world.
  • Miracle Center: Fortune-teller machine.
  • Phantom Shinkensen: Monorail to travel to and from Paradise Hub.

Time Palace

  • Cyber Fox: Fortune telling booth with a futuristic setting. Based on the arcade game of the same name.
  • Rumble Dome: Bumper car-like arena.
  • Arcade Castle: Game center.
  • Forcefield Theater: Theater that hosted live performances and various films.

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