Forcefield Holdings (株式会社フォースフィールドホールディングス Kabushiki Gaisha Fōsufīrudo Hōrudingusu?) is a Japanese holdings company founded on January 11, 2009 as part of a restructuring of Forcefield Entertainment. The company specializes in video games, electronics, toys and press literature, and also maintains a chain of game centers in Japan.

The company is currently located in Toshima, Tokyo, while the US branch, Forcefield Holdings America, is currently located in Sunnyvale, California.


The company was founded on January 11, 2009, following a large restructuring of Forcefield Entertainment. All video games are still handled under the Forcefield Entertainment name, as with the Section-F arcade centers.

In August 2010, Forcefield Holdings acquired Alpha Seisakusho and made it a wholly-owned subsidiary, and have followed with the acquisitions of Oiatchi and Anix, although the latter would later become its own legal entity.

Forcefield Holdings purchased a 20% stake in Game-Lab, who previously worked closely with Forcefield on the Boku Detective Club games.

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