Clyohraira has formal diplomatic relations with many nations around the world.

Country Formal Relations Began Notes
Flag of Azara Azara 2010 See here: Clyohraira-Azara relations
Flag of Bairan Bairan 1991 See here: Clyohraira-Bairan relations
Flag of the People's Republic of China China 1998 See here: Clyohraira-China relations
  • in 2018, tensions had severed relations with Clyohraira and China, due to trade wars going on.
Flag of Croeya Croeya 2008 See here: Clyohraira-Croeya relations
Flag of Daricajuce Daricajuce 1991 See here: Clyohraira-Daricajuce relations
Flag of El Kadsre El Kadsre 1998 See here: Clyohraira-El Kadsre relations
Flag of Eruowood Eruowood 1996 See here: Clyohraira-Eruowood relations
Flag of France France 1994 See here: Clyohraira-France relations
Flag of Gaburayon Gaburayon 1991; ended in 2010 See here: Clyohraira-Gaburayon relations
Flag of Gau Gau 2016 See here: Clyohraira-Gau relations
Flag of Germany Germany 1994 See here: Clyohraira-Germany relations
Flag of India India 2012; suspended in 2019 See here: Clyohraira-India relations
  • in 2019, tensions had severed relations with Clyohraira and India, due to trade wars going on and eventually relations were suspended because of the PewDiePie vs. T-Series Battle.
Flag of Italy Italy 1994 See here: Clyohraira-Italy relations
Flag of Jazila Jazila 2000 See here: Clyohraira-Jazila relations
Flag of Kadersaryina Kadersaryina 1994 See here: Clyohraira-Kadersaryina relations
Flag of Mahri Mahri 1998 See here: Clyohraira-Mahri relations
Flag of Makoria Makoria 1994 See here: Clyohraira-Makoria relations
Flag of Maldives Maldives 2018 See here: Clyohraira-Maldives relations
Flag of North El Kadsre North El Kadsre 1998 See here: Clyohraira-North El Kadsre relations
Flag of North Kadersaryina North Kadersaryina 1994 See here: Clyohraira-North Kadersaryina relations
Flag of Saranam Saranam 1994 See here: Clyohraira-Saranam relations
Flag of Screencold and Line Screencold and Line 1998 See here: Clyohraira-Screencold and Line relations
Flag of Sentan Sentan 1998 See here: Clyohraira-Sentan relations
Smarcar-Zaricoaras-Yajraetay-Liaeusana 1994 See here: Clyohraira-Smarcar-Zaricoaras-Yajraetay-Liaeusana relations
Flag of Spain Spain 1994 See here: Clyohraira-Spain relations
Flag of Trimaka Trimaka 1991 See here: Clyohraira-Trimaka relations
Flag of Uhajut Uhajut 1991 See here: Clyohraira-Uhajut relations
Flag of the United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates 2005 See here: Clyohraira-United Arab Emirates relations
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom 1994 See here: Clyohraira-United Kingdom relations
Flag of the United States United States 1991 See here: Clyohraira-United States relations
Flag of Vairarca Vairarca 1994 See here: Clyohrairn-Vairarca relations
Flag of Vicnora Vicnora 1998 See here: Clyohraira-Vicnora relations
Flag of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe 2009 See here: Clyohraira-Zimbabwe relations
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