'''Forklift-Kun''' (Japanese: フォークリフトくん; Hepburn: Fōkurifuto-kun) is an arcade game developed in 1979 by Forcefield in Japan only. It ran on Forcefield Mark I hardware and was the first game from the company to be exclusive to Japan. A Sega Saturn game of the same title was released in October 1996, although it is vastly different from the original.


The player control the eponymous Forklift-Kun and must carry each crate to the center of the screen before the timer runs out. Once all of the crates have been moved to the center, the player will proceed to the next stage. Each stage also has certain enemies and obstacles, including enemy forklifts that will attempt to hinder Forklift-Kun's progress, holes that will lose the player a life, and gates that will open and close constantly. Once all three lives (or five, if the DIP switch settings have been changed) have been lost, the game will be over.

Similar game

A similar title, also known as Forklift-Kun, was released for the Sega Saturn in October 1996 for Japan only; and despite the title, the game has very little to do with the original in terms of gameplay. The player controls Forklift-Kun (now piloted by a worker named "Alice"), and is tasked to rid a large shipping warehouse of enemies by tossing empty crates at them, while defending his or her own crate.

Appearances in other games

Forklift-Kun and Alice both appear in Forcefield Waku Waku: International Edition as playable characters, while Alice is a hidden character in the PlayStation version of Puzzle Club S.

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