Fox-Tezuka Entertainment Group is an Japanese American diversified multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate headquartered at Midtown Manhattan, New York City

It was considered the 2nd largest entertainment company behind The Walt Disney Company.

Fox-Tezuka's assets included 20th Century Fox and Tezuka Pictures' film and TV assets, the Fox television network, Star India, a majority stake in National Geographic, Fox Flash, FX Networks, FOX+, GoAnimate, FoxNext, Fox News, Tezuka Productions, Tatsunoko Productions, Capcom, Rovio, Maurício de Sousa Productions, Polandball Entertainment, ABCXYZ Networks, Fox Music, Fox Sports, and Dark Horse Comics.


Fox-Tezuka Entertainment Group was formed after their merger in January 2019 between Fox Corporation and Tezuka Entertainment Group.


List of assets owned by Fox-Tezuka Entertainment Group

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