Fox EK is a digital television channel owned by Fox Networks Group El Kadsre that serves the El Kadsreian Islands. It is based on the American Fox television network. The channel's headquarters are on Studio Road in East Cliffstown, East El Kadsreian State, El Kadsre.


Fox EK was launched on January 1, 1989 as Fox El Kadsre. The channel's programming mostly consisted of American Fox programming. However, the channel did broadcast some programs from other channels, such as El TV Kadsre 1 and Central Point Network (now CPN One).

On June 7, 1994, Fox El Kadsre changed its programming to focus more on El Kadsreian television shows. By that time, it mostly received Fox programming from Foxnet. Other American programming outside of Fox's offerings included The Spud Goodman Show (provided by Foxnet), Almost Live! (provided by Belo) and Saturday Night Live.

On January 1, 2000, the channel was rebranded as Fox EK, and offered a wider variety of programming.

Original programming

Former original programming

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