Fox Kids Victoria will be relaunched in January 23th, 2020.

The original channel launched in 1990, but closed in 2005

First Era (1990-2005)

The first era was owned by Saban Victoria (now known as Molsye), it aired basically the same programmation of Fox Kids Europe and United States

The channel was the 5th most watched kids channel in 1990, 2nd in 1992 and 1994 and 1st since 1996 until its end

Molsye's president from 2002 to 2007 Toronto Vieira announced in 2006 that he didn't wanted to shut down Fox Kids, the channel was forced by Fox and DIsney to close down

Fox Kids didn't aired only on Victoria, its feed also aired in Portugal and Africa


Fox Kids' sucessor was Toon Disney, is because Disney and Molsye fighted for Fox Kids' Future. Molsye claimed that they should decide FKV's future because they owned it, meanwhile, Disney claimed that Fox Kids was owned by they worldwide, they should decide FKV's future. Sony joined the war on Molsye's side, in the final, Fox Kids changed its name to Toon Disney (as the block on Disney Channel), an Jetix was owned by Sony and Molsye, but Jetix Play was also owned by Disney.

Jetix was replaced by Animax, its first era wasn't popular and was sold to Warner Bros to become Minimax (It later shutted down in 2016), Animax was back in 2016

Toon Disney changed its name to Disney XD, but the block "Toon DIsney" still running every weekend from 8 AM to 1 PM

Nat Geo Kids was the "sucessor" of Jetix Play

Second Era (2020-)

Molsye announced in January 16th, 2020 that Fox Kids would relaunch in January 23th, 2020 "Molsye always wanted to keep the channel, and now no one tell us what to do"

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