Franklin Chase Robinson (ロビンソン フランク Robinson Furanku; born December 7, 1952) is a American-Mahrian singer and musician. He is a founding member of The Given Takers.


Frank was born in Rutland, Vermont in the United States. As a child, Robinson enjoyed using household objects as well as real instruments in tandem to create music. Using an old Montgomery Ward record cutter, he would record his creations and sell them for a profit on the playground at school.

Robinson would move to Abeta, Mahri in 1975.

Personal life

Robinson played the Burger King in some live-action Mahrian Burger King commercials during the 1990's.

Frank is a dual citizen of the United States and Mahri, with residences in both countries. In the United States he has composed original music for several films and TV series with fellow Given Takers member Toby Aarbakke.

His wife is the Mahrian singer Shizuka Robinson (née Fujimori), and they have a daughter, Hiyoko Robinson.

In a 2018 Loudwire interview, Jaylin Rounds stated that in the 1980's Frank was "irritated" at the then-growing prominence of anarcho-punk.

Solo discography


Frank has mainly used Fender bass guitars with his model of choice being a Fender Jazz Bass - he has however also used a 1960's Orfeus Violin Bass made in Bulgaria.

He also plays keyboard bass occasionally, using a Rheem Kee Bass for that purpose.

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