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This is a list of countries in the fictional world ranked by their level of freedom people have:


Color Meaning
Anarchy People can do what they want with no limits.
Free People are free to do what they want.
Partially Free People are still free to do what they want, but some actions are limited by law.
Not Free People's actions are limited by law.
Totalitarian People's freedom is strictly limited.


NOTE: Please put the countries in alphabetical order.

Country Continent Freedom status Note(s)
Ahmara North America Free Ahmara was classified as Not Free from 1998 until 2019
Azara North America Anarchy
Barokia South America Free
Bellich North America Free
CD20 Islands Europe/Asia Free
Charlesland Republic North America Free
Choushima Oceania Free
Citoyens Republic Asia/Oceania Partially Free
Clyohraira North America Partially Free Clyohraira was classified as Not Free from 1991 until 2008; and again from 2012 until 2018

Clyohraira was classified as Totalitarian from 2008 until 2012

Conlandia Asia/Oceania Free
Costa de Gaviotas North America Free
Crenisa Asia/Oceania Partially Free Wasbfree until 1960, when CBC was renamed to NBC Crenisa.
Croeya South America Free
Daricajuce North America Partially Free
Diursia Africa Free
El Kadsre North America Free
Engotu North America Not Free Classification is temporary due to ongoing emergency presidental elections
Eruowood North America Free
Faricia North America Free
Fir North America Free
Gauboran North America Partially Free
Gaburayon North America Totalitarian

Gaburayon was classified as Free from 1991 until 2010.
Gaburayon was classified as Not Free from 2010 until 2019.

Gau North America Free
Gauboran North America Free
Goiky North America/Asia/Oceania Free
Haalis North America Partially Free
Huntaria Asia Not Free
Indosa North America Free
Ivalice North Amerca Free
Jazila North America Partially Free
Jetania Europe Free Jetania was classified as Partially Free until 2019
Kadersaryina North America Free
Kokone North America Free
Kowokam North America Free
Kuboia Europe Free Kuboia's classification has switched continuously since its formation in 1946, and has been classified as Not Free, Free and Anarchy multiple times each.
Lemongo North America Free
Mahri North America Free
Makoria North America Free
Manogo North America Anarchy
Merriamia Asia Free
Minecraftia North America/Asia Free
Nakiro North America Partially Free
Narthernee North America Free
Noobian Islands Europe Free Used to be classified as partially free until 1892.
Noobian Union Europe Free Used to be classified as partially free until 1877.
Noobloxia Europe Free Used to be classified as partially free until 1907.
Nueva Peking North America Partially Free
North El Kadsre North America Partially Free
North Kadersaryina North America Partially Free
Oza Islands North America Partially Free
Pearl Europe Partially Free
Piramca North America Free
Potestia European Far-West Free
Pubog Asia Partially Free
Qualicia Asia Partially Free
Raland North America Free
Randomia Europe Free
Ringia Asia Partially Free
Sakaria Asia Partially Free
Saranam North America Partially Free
San Enrique North America Free
Schelipoerys North America Free
Screencold and Line North America Free
Sentan North America Partially Free
Robloxia North America, Europe Free
Spanish Nakiro North America Free
T'aavi Asia Not Free
Tasanala North America Not Free
Totomarina North America Free
Trayu North America Partially Free
Trimaka North America Not Free
Trishel North America Free
Uhajut North America Not Free
Utikalor North America Free
Vairarca North America Not Free
Veko North America Free
Vicnora North America Partially Free
Vilaharshe North America Partially Free
Vustrela Asia/Oceania Free
Yurocharia Europe Free
Zaurick North America Partially Free
Zoamje Middle East Not Free Even know It got independence from the Soviet Union after it collapsed and Israel, it still remains as Not Free.
Tsuki Europe Free Close to Anarchy, however some things (like abuse of dogs and other "cute" animals) are prohibited.
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