Freeview is El Kadsre's digital terrestrial television platform. It is operated by DTVEK. It was launched on April 10, 2003. It uses both ATSC and DVB-T2 formats.


When the Freeview launched, it all channels had only 480p. HD channels began offering in 2006 starting 720p, then Full HD 1080p in 2008.

Coverage of foreign TV channels

Freeview carries TV channels from North America, Oceania, Southeast Asia, and the Arab world along with El Kadsreian Islands TV channels.

American channels

From it's launch, Freeview has carried affiliates of American TV networks. The current lineup is:

The stations' local newscasts and the networks' national news programs are usually replaced with infomercials (Good Morning America is still broadcast by WCVB and Today is still broadcast by KOMU on their respective special Freeview feeds).

The original lineup consisted of KOMU with Erie CBS affiliate WSEE-TV, Chicago ABC affiliate WLS-TV, Bangor FOX affiliate WFVX-LD, and two Los Angeles stations, WB affiliate KTLA and PBS affiliate KLCS. WSEE was replaced by WBKB-TV out of Alpena, Michigan in 2004 due to contractual issues between DTVEK and Lilly Broadcasting, and WLS-TV was replaced in 2005 by WLOS out of Asheville, North Carolina due to an "argument" between officials at DTVEK and staff from WLS. In 2007, WCTE replaced KLCS. In 2008, WBKB was replaced by WBZ-TV out of Boston after DTVEK's contract with Stephan Marks expired. In 2012, WLOS was replaced by Boston's WCVB-TV due to WLOS pre-empting several ABC programs, and in 2014 Boston's WFXT replaced WFVX due to WFVX not carrying enough FOX programming to match DTVEK's "quota". KTLA was replaced in 2017 by XHRIO-TDT of the Rio Grande Valley as a cost-cutting measure.

Canadian channels

Freeview also has carried Canadian TV channels since 2005. All have remained the same affiliates since being added.

Southeast Asian channels

Oceanian channels

New Zealand

Freeview has first carried New Zealand TV channels since 2003. All have remained the same state since being added.

  • TVNZ 1
  • TVNZ 2
  • Three
  • TVNZ Duke
  • Prime
  • Bravo
  • Choice TV
  • Maori Television
  • Te Reo

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