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Fuei (/fuʋej/) (Fueian: Føtzka) (also known as the Republic of Fuei) (Fueian: Republikid Føtzka) is a country in Europe, bordered east to Iceland. Its calling code is +422.


Danish Colonization (1781-1901)

In 1781, Denmark colonized the country. The country was known as Nord Danmark, meaning North Denmark.

Kingdom of Fuei (1901-1945, 1988-2000)

On July 2, 1901, the first king of Fuei, Julian Fuei, established the Free Fueian Kingdom. The country gained independence from Denmark on December 20, 1901 and the country was named after Julian's surname, Fuei.

Fueian People's State (1945-1988)

After World War II, the Soviets and the Fueian Communists overthrew the monarch and established a People's State, People's State, not People's Republic. The first president was George Rakouzga. He made his own communist ideology called, Rakouzgism.

Fuei Communist Flag

The flag of the Fueian People's State (1948-1988)

Monarchy Restoration (1988-2000)

In May 1988, after Scott Monrokionroe, from the Monarch Party of Fuei, was elected the president, he restored the monarchy and he became the king, also he renamed the country's name to Second Kingdom of Fuei.

His sister, Mina Monrokionroe, was the prime minister.

Republic of Fuei (2000-present)

After Mihai Emkionceadu was elected the president in 2000, he overthrew the monarchy and established a republic.


The five main terrestrial TV channels are FTR 1, FTR 2, FTR+, Føtzka 4, Fuei 5, and Kanaliseras Tio. The state-owned radio and television network is called Føtzka Telesynvarp oc Radien, lit. Fuei Television and Radio. There are other TV networks like Fuei Broadcasting Networks, Liköfn Network, etc.

The four main terrestrial radio stations are FTR Radien 1, FTR Radien 2, Muzik F.M., and Lefa Radien.

Their major film companies are Köfa Film , Film Øfask, Nordic Film, etc.


Most people in Fuei practice Catholic Christianity, with 80% spreading the country. 15% of Fueians are Jews. Some people in Fuei practice Protestant Christanity. During the communist rule, most people were atheist, which spreaded 76% of the country, nowadays most people follow religion, but there are some atheists living there, spreading 0.5 of the country.

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