面白い失敗ポーランドボール (Omoshiroi shippai pōrandobōru) is the Japanese dub of Countryballs: The Animated Series. It airs on JAITS stations across Japan. The dubbing was produced by Power Network at Glovision in Tokyo. It also airs on Cartoon Network in YinYangia.

This dub was one of the first dubs of the series, first aired in October 2016.

Voice Actors


  • Rie Ishizuka, the original voice of Franceball, was replaced by Wasabi Mizuta after Christopher Berger expressed anger over her having dubbed over Yoko Ono in the Japanese dub of Isle of Dogs even though Ono speaks Japanese. Rie responded by saying "Yoko wasn't available, there was no need to boot me off the dubbing just for dubbing over a native Japanese speaker."
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