Fusid (/ˈfəsɪd/ fuh-sid; Barokian: [ˈfusid]), officially Fusid-Allahiyah, (Barokian: فوسݚ; Fusid; lit. Beauty) is the capital of Barokia and the largest city in South America. It is Barokia's largest city and it was founded on January 8, 1903, under the rule of the Saudi Arabian and the British Empire. It has the most skyscrapers and towers than any other cities in South America. It is the most popular, famous, luxurious, and expensive city in South America and Barokia.

Buildings (Tallest to Smallest)

  • Natihat Sahab Tawil Samah
  • Irah Tower
  • Fusid Mall
  • Holiday Inn (Barokia)
  • Rashah Hotel
  • Muhammad Apartments
  • Kashada Mall

Amusement parks

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