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Future Phatom is an American-Canadian animated television series that premiered on January 2, 2021, following the adventures of Little Guy 2 as he learns to become a strong soldier with Dr. Beanson at his side to help him while protecting 123 Greeny Phatom against Specians.



Voice Actor

Little Guy 2 Paul Kloppers
Dr. Beanson Smith Akin
Little Girl Katie Belshaw
Scratchy Rick Jones
Geo Guy Gabriel Garcia
Gum Tony Daniels
Doctor James Sharp
Beanson James Sharp
Moctor Bronwen Mantel
Dr. Mother Eden Sher
Dr. Clown Torquil Campbell
Dr. Beanclownson Guy Nadon
Dr. PBS James Sharp
Dr. Viacom Alain Goulem
Gary Bryn McAuley
Green Bob Tom Kenny
Walter Ted Cole
Santed Sailor Robert Stainton
Gangster Sailor Garry Chalk
Gree Guy Greg Garfield
Bob Beanson Vlasta Vrana
Pube Beanson Spike Spencer
Little Guy 3 Rick Jones
Little Guy 4 Terrence Scammell
Little Guy 5 Jesse Gieser
Little Guy 6 Taylor Robinson
Little Guy 7 Frank Welker
Little Guy 8 Albert "Crack" Angioni
Little Guy 9 Terrence Scammell
Little Guy 10 Sonja Ball
Little Guy 11/Little Girl 4 Nate Stainton (Little Guy 11)

Crystal Stainton (Little Girl 4)

Little Guy 12 Rob Paulsen
Little Guy 13 Mona Marshall
Little Girl 2 Alina Withers
Little Girl 3 Nancy Lenihan


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Ideas for a successor to Greeny Phatom had been thought of all the way in 1996, but it was never concieved until 2003, the series was planned for a Spring 2006 release as Greeny Phatom was planned to end in 2005, The series was pushed back due to Greeny Phatom's success, The series was thought to be long dead due to Greeny Phatom's decline in the late 2000s, the series was revived in 2014, to be released in 2016, however, after the announcement of 5 more seasons in 2015, it was pushed back to 2021.


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