Fyp Fraser (13th June, 1992-31st October, 2019) was a Kuboian singer, television personality and actor, whose career spanned twenty years. He had his breakthrough in 2002 at the age of ten, when he won the first series of Nick Karaoke Stars. With nine number-one hits on the Karuboia chart, he is the sixth best-selling Kuboian artist of all time.

Early life

Fyp was born in Kuboian Cliffs, North Kuboia on 13th June, 1992.


Early start (1999-2001)

Blade Holter visited Fyp's school in early 1999, looking for children to take part in promotional material for the then-upcoming television channel Nick Go! Fyp felt reluctant taking on a role, but was encouraged by Aourine to do so. Because of this, Fyp spent the next few years of his life appearing in advertisments for the channel.

Breakthrough (2002-2005)

In 2002, Fyp was chosen as one of the contestants for the first series of the then-brand new children's talent show Nick Karaoke Stars. Prior to his addition in April that year, he had done very little singing practice, but still managed to impress all four judges. On 14th December, he was declared the winner of the series. His winner's single was "A Look In Your Eyes".

Personal life

He and his two brothers lived with their parents in a cheap Jetkeep until 2007, when Fyp purchased his own place.

Fyp attended the same Novice School as fellow Nick Karaoke Stars contestant Aourine Esthers, who was his friend with benefits during his preteen years. Aourine was planning on proposing to Fyp on his thirteenth birthday on 13th June, 2005, but ended up taking her life three months earlier. Fyp supposedly swore on Aourine's grave to never date another woman again - although his close friends and family tried getting him to start dating, Fyp stuck to his word for the rest of his life.


On 31st October, 2019 at 6:01p.m. GMT, one of Fyp's closest friends, Violet Stars, posted a video on her VidSpace account confirming that Fyp had died after being in hospital for two weeks. The video did not detail why he was in hospital, but Violet mentioned that his health had been declining due to suffering depression during the last few years of his life. Said video received over 2 million views in the span of two hours - fans of Fyp paid respect to him in the comments.

On 2nd November, another of Fyp's friends, Raddy Goodberry, who was with Fyp when he died, was interviewed on the news. He mentioned that Fyp had an unhealthy lifestyle - he would usually eat very little or nothing each day, and would often rely on alcohol or (medical) drugs to relieve stress. Raddy also mentioned that Fyp was virtually unable to breath or speak during his last 48 hours alive, stating "There came a point where we knew it was over for him."

On 6th November, the cause of death was identified as a heart failure caused by excessive consumption of alcohol, caffeine and medical drugs and little to no food consumption. TMZ reported that Fyp had been rushed to hospital at around 4:30p.m. on 14th October, and remained there for the rest of his life before dying at 6:04a.m. on the 31st that month.

A private funeral for Fyp was held on 5th December, which was attended by Fyp's closest family and friends. His body was cremated at the end of the ceremony. Fyp did not leave a will - his home is currently being inherited by his parents.

Fyp was 27 years old at the time of his death, making him a member of the 27 Club.


On 1st November, 2019, many radio stations worldwide played tribute to Fyp by playing several of his most popular songs back-to-back.


Studio albums


As lead artist

Year Title Peak chart positions Album
2002 "A Look In Your Eyes" 1 In This World
2003 "In This World"
(featuring Aourine Esthers)
1 60 29 8 24 6 8
"You and I" 5 25 21
"You Should Know" 7 56 28
2004 TBA
(featuring Rosie Flournoy and Taniye Fazio)
1 24 8 6
"Fly By"
(featuring Lizzie Dennison)
1 8 3 5 5 7 4 8 4 34
2005 "With You Again" 1 65 22 56 44 36 34 98 Non-album single
2009 "Thinking About You" 2 34 31 71 If I Could
2012 "If I Could" 3
2017 "Let You Down" 1 43 39 36 52 44 22 33 46 Non-album single

As featured artist

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