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Gábor Horváth (May 19, 1955 - September 19, 2003) was a Sentanese militia leader who was the Prime Minister, Leader of the People, and Eternal President during the Gyönyörű Földünk rule of Sentan.


Gábor was born in the small town of Kimokumo on May 19, 1955 to Hungarian parents. His mother was an ethnic Hungarian from Berehove, Ukraine and his father was born in Nyíregyháza, Hungary.

Gábor started out as upbeat and optimistic, but after his parents' divorce, he gained eating problems, and after years of enflarement, Gábor ran away from his family.

He married his wife Yoko Horváth in 1973.

Gábor formed Gyönyörű Földünk in 1991 with his wife, their children and their old school friends to get revenge on those who were cruel to him in his childhood.

During the Battle of Fusa, he went on the run from the capital. He was later captured two months later by Mahrian troops in the cabin near Kimokumo. He was sentenced to death and executed in Mahri in 2003. Alonso Ursúa's son Gregory Ursúa led the firing squad that executed Gabor.