G.C. Jiao (born May 27, 1980) is a El Kadsreian voice actress who has worked in dubbing and original animation projects in El Kadsre, YinYangia, and Vicnora.


She was born to Denny Jiao and Maurecia Xiao in Cicmpillici. Her parents are both of Chinese origin, born and raised in Sankuro. She takes ancestry from the Tibet Autonomous Region and Fujian province in China on her father's side and Sichuan province in China on her mother's side.

Since 1990, she has worked in El Kadsre, having attended a voice acting workshop of Christopher Berger and Maja Prebensen. In 2001, she began working in YinYangia due to her fluency in the YinYangiese language. She is based in El Kadsre City and makes trips to Malodin and Tugaganda for acting jobs.


  • Himawari Nohara in Crayon Shin-chan (El Kadsreian English dub)
  • Sagwa Miao in Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat (YinYangiese dub)
  • The Female announcer at Carwardine Parks (2005-present)
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