GOLD (formerly EK Gold) is a El Kadsreian programming commercial-free channel owned by El TV Kadsre Television Network, broadcasting in Australia, New Zealand, Vustrela, Conlandia and among other countries in Oceania. It launched on November 1, 1992 as EK Gold, before, in 2012, it was split into current flagship channel Gold. The channel is currently available as subscription-only on Foxtel, Austar (acquired by Foxtel in 2012), Sky New Zealand, Vodafone New Zealand, Sky! Vustrela, Conlandtel, Emerald Cable, Islands Cable and Sky Pacific Fiji. It shows movies that were made in El Kadsre and repeats of classic and current programming from the El TV Kadsre, RGN, RTV and other broadcasters in El Kadsre, which mainly airs the archive Eight programmes, and has a higher audience share than Gold. This is because they are free-to-air channels whereas Gold is a pay TV channel.


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