GTN Films (officially: Grasslandic Television Network Films Division) is a Grasslandic film studio currently owned by Viacom. One of the major Grasslandic film studios, it was formed from the merger of the Grasslandic Film Industries or the former GTN Films and Bela Pictures in 1986, and is located in the Central area of Grassland City.


Its roots date back to 1937 when Bela Pictures was formed. Then in 1950 it was acquired by the Grasslandic Television Network. Skip forward to the early 1980s when the then CEO of Bela Pictures, Samuel Anthony planned with the Grasslandic Film Industries to merge. The Grasslandic Film Industries was partially owned by GTN (36% to be exact) so they accepted the plan. They planned to be named the Grasslandic - Bela Film Industry. This was quickly changed to GTN Films and it was postponed until 1986. Then on the 6th of January 1986 at exactly 12:00 AM straight noon they merged.

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