Gabriel Danilo Holcombe, also known as Gabriel DH, is a El Kadsrian rapper, producer, songwriter, and a the founder of the international rap collective Grit.


Of Serbian and Jamaican descent, Gabriel was born and raised in Sankuro. He became intrested in Hip Hop when he was 10 years old. When Gabriel was 17, he started uploading beats and songs to VidSpace under the name G. Holcombe, which is still used as his beat tag. The account is no longer used since the last upload on June 9ᵗʰ 2015 (The beat was reused for one of Gabriel´s songs). In 2017, he changed his alias to Gabriel DH and relased his first mixtape one. After the relase of one, Gabriel formed a collective, Grit.

After this, he relased more projects, two/garbage in November of 2017. IDONTCARE in January of 2018, Planet Grit in May of 2018 and his upcoming album Mind will be relased in Fall of 2019.


Gabriel´s beats usually:

  • have slower tempos, ranging from 95-145 ( slowest to fastest beat produced by Gabriel)
  • have elements of lo-fi, glitch, industrial and metal
  • have a lot of diversity (form a glitchy lo-fi-like style of Interlude (from IDONTCARE) to hard trap,metal influenced bangers like Twisted (from Planet Grit)
  • rely heavily on synths and drums
  • include pop culture samples (ranging from movies to video games)

Lyrics & Flow

Gabriel´s lyrics usually include:

  • simple, good punchlines
  • ad-libs
  • mental health (mostly depression)
  • drug use (as a negative thing)
  • references to occultism
  • references to pop culture

Gabriel uses multiple vocal tehcniques, including

  • monotone,under the breath rapping
  • soft, emo-like vocals
  • screaming
  • regular rapping


one (2017)

two/garbage (2017)


Planet Grit (2018)

Mind (2019) (upcoming)

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