Gabriel "Geo G." Simon Garcia (born April 5, 1954) is an American cartoonist, voice actor, animator and film and

television producer, most notably known for his work in film and television, and is the creator of the Geo Universal series (which consists of Geo's World, The Geo Team, and Geo TV). He has also worked on the Geo series, Geo TV, Sam the Pig, 10 Birds, Cland Ann and the MYCUN series.


Geo G. was born in 1954 to Bob Garcia (1925-1996) and Cindy Garcia (nee McKinley) (1932-2020) and has directed a lot of films ever since 1981, such as My Brother's Friend in 1988. He is most commonly known for being the creator of the Geo Universal franchise.

He had founded his own companies, Glass Ball Productions (formerly known as The Broken Ball) in 1988, 2BIG3k Animation in 1999, and MYCUN Studios in 2004.


Film/Short Films

Title Notes Release year
Geo and Coraline's Funny Book Stories Director 1973
The Missing Adventures of Geo Guy Director 1979
The Ugieugies Director 1983
My Brother's Friend Director 1988
Geo's 1st Movie Co-director 1997
PuffRuff School: The Movie Supervising animator 1998
Geo Movie Producer 2000
Geo's 2nd Movie Co-director 2000
The Jan and Jason Movie Co-director 2001
The Geo Team Movie Director 2001
The GreenyWorld Movie: Bigger, Stonger, Longer and Super and Uncut Writter 2001
Greeny Phatom The Movie Supervising animator 2002
Cland Ann: The Movie Director 2002
Geo: The Greatest Movie Ever Director 2002
Geo Movie 2 Writter 2003
Geo Movie 3 Writter 2004
Geo Movie 4 Writter 2005
Geo's 3rd Movie Co-director 2005
MYCUN: The Movie Director and writer 2005
Zila Co-producer 2006
Dannie's Long Adventure Director 2006
Geo Movie 5 Co-producer 2007
Legend of MYCUN Producer 2008
Little Critter Co-producer 2008
Geo's 4th Movie Co-director 2008
Sherman's Laggon Co-director 2009
Dannie 2 Director and producer 2010
Pixl Producer 2010
Geo's 5th Movie Co-director 2010
Gabriel and the Wacky Pack Co-director 2011
MYCUN and the Mystery to New York Producer 2012
Geo's Big Movie Co-director 2012
Zane the Cool Kid Co-producer 2012
Geo TV: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut Co-director 2013
The Geo Team Movie 2 Director 2013
Geo's 6th Movie Director 2013
Geo Co-director 2013
Geo Movie 6 Director 2013
Super Gun Blast Director 2014
Geo's Friends Writter 2014
Gabriel and the Wacky Pack 2 Co-director 2014
Big Lies Director 2014
10 Birds Director 2015
Dannie 3: Breakout Producer 2015
Geo 2 Co-director 2015
Geo's 7th Movie Director 2016
MYCUN Forever Producer 2016
Geo Adventure Director 2018
The Good Rain Director TBA


Title Original run
Geo: The Animated Series 1985-1990
The Jan and Jason Show (creator along with Jan Soto) 1988-2003
Geo's World 1989-2013
Green Bob 1990-1992
The Geo Team 1991-present
Syo's World 1992-1999
Neter City 1994-2001
Nis' World 1997-2002
Geo TV 1998-present
Cland Ann 2001-present
Geo City 2003-2010
Rico 2004-present
Geo Guy Gone Crazy 2007-2012
Adventures of MYCUN 2008-present

Short films

Title Release year
Geo Guy Done It 2001
Homer and Dick's Guide to Cool Things 2013

Comic strip series

Title Launch date End date
Geo Comic April 1, 1971 present
Geo's World July 9, 1981 ongoing
Sam the Pig November 4, 1988 March 6, 1999
10 Birds June 7, 1994 September 6, 1996
Cland Ann: The Comic December 18, 2008 present

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