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Gabriel Jesse Haim (born July 2, 1980) is an Israeli-born American musician and singer-songwriter. He is best known for being involved in several groups, including the Screaming Yellow Players, Kentucky (as "Darrell Cockerell"), The Gabriel Haim Project, The New Heartbreakers, Jefferson Nuclear Missile, and Opinion Annihilator.

Early life and education

Haim was born in Jerusalem but grew up in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, where his father was a hazzan at Rodef Shalom Congregation. He is Jewish, and traces his ancestry to a family of Habbani Jews who resided in the Hadhramaut in modern-day southeast Yemen in the 1910s.


Screaming Yellow Players

Haim was the youngest member of the Screaming Yellow Players when the band formed in September 1997. Haim attended Pennsylvania State University, graduating with a BFA in Music Theory and majoring in Engineering.

Haim is described as the "whiz kid" of the Players, the band often utilizes devices he's designed and invented. The band members, their side projects and some acts associated with the band often record and produce their material in Haim's home studio in Polish Hill, The Bathroom.