Not to be confused with Gauboran.

    Gaburayon is an independent communist city state in the Kadersaryinan Islands known for its huge kidnapping rate.


Historical affiliations Period
Chiefdom of Abmtrlat 1802 BC-1757 AD
Kingdom of Talitioco 1757-1795
Colony of the Saryinans 1795-1808
Colony of the Saryinans (French rule) 1808-1812
Flag of Daricajuce (1550-1950) Dominion of Daricajuce 1812-1940
Flag of Kadersaryina (1940-1945) Kadersaryinan Nationalist State 1940-1945
Flag of Daricajuce (1550-1950) Dominion of Daricajuce 1945-1950
Flag of Kadersaryina (1950-1956) First Republic of Kadersaryina 1950-1956
Flag of Kadersaryina (1956-1969) Second Republic of Kadersaryina 1956-1969
Flag of the United Kadersaryinan Federation United Kadersaryinan Federation 1969-1991
Flag of Gaburayon Gaburayon 1991-present


On February 29, 2020, there's a new constitutional referendum happening.

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