Galaxy Corporation, (Samsung of Fabella Conglomerate until 2016), operating as Galaxy is a Fabellan state-owned multinational tazhak (conglomerate in Tudranic) headquartered in Tudranske Cosmopolitan CBD, Kirigiri, Tudrana, under the State Chancellor. Galaxy has five headquarters focused on Naegic federal subjects, such as - in Towa (and the Towa Semiconductor Complex), Fukawa, and Togami. It is the largest tazhak in Fabella.

Companies and Divisions

  • Galaxy SmarTEC (smartphones and digital devices)
  • Galaxy Semiconductor (processors, electronic parts)
  • Galaxy Petrochem (automotive fuel and oil)
  • Galaxy Air System
    • AirTowa
    • Fukavia
    • Toganske Aero
    • GalaxySouth (Tudrana)
  • Galaxy Education Systems
  • Syo Armories
  • Galaxy Retail/GalaxyCentralMalls
  • Galaxy Motor Group
    • Icon Motor Corporation (IMC)
    • Alcon Auto
  • Galaxy LIB&F (Life Insurance, Banking and Finance) Holdings
    • CosmoBank (Cosmopolitan Bank of Tudrana)
    • Tudranske Charters
    • Prudential of Togami (joint venture of Prudential plc and former Togami Financial)
    • ToganskeBank
    • Fukawa Veterans Bank
    • Galaxy Financial
    • Samsung Life Insurance
  • Galaxy Heavy Industries
    • Kuymarz Industrial
    • Kalashnikov-Andreist
    • CormackGalaxy (Merger of Cormack and Galaxy Defense and Space)
  • Rediffusion Fabella International (RFI)
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