'''Galaxy Shot''' (Japanese: ギャラクシーショット; Hepburn: 'Gyarakushī Shotto') is a shooter arcade game released in 1978 by Forcefield Entertainment. It runs on Forcefield Upu hardware, and it is the company's first video game and the first in the Galaxy Shot series of games. The game is a clone of Space Invaders as it features near identical gameplay and design, although later games would stray away from it and turn into a series of vertical-scrolling shooters.

Galaxy Shot received five sequels, beginning in 1980 with New Galaxy Shot. The series continued up until 2004 with the release of Galaxy Shot DS - PokuPoku Expedition for the Nintendo DS. The characters from the game appear in several Forcefield video games, notably the Forcefield WakuWaku series of role-playing games as support characters. Two pachinko games, CR Galaxy Shot R and CR Galaxy Shot Night, were both released in 2001 by Oiatchi, a division of Forcefield.

The original game was ported to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in 2017 as part of the Forcefield Archives compilation.


The player controls the "Atomic Gunner" spaceship, and must destroy the enemy aliens that travel down from the top of the screen. A level is completed when all aliens in the stage are defeated. Each level also has large yellow bases that the player can hide behind, but the aliens can shoot at them to break off pieces of the base, ultimitly destroying it.

Much like Space Invaders, a small UFO will appear at the top of the screen at certain intervals of the stage, and if shot down, will award 1,000 points to the player.


Galaxy Shot received several sequels across various systems over the past few decades:

  • New Galaxy Shot - (1980)
  • Galaxy Shot '91 - (1990)
  • Super Galaxy Shot '92 - (1991)
  • Galaxy Shot 2000 - (1999)
  • Galaxy Shot DS - PokuPoku Expedition - (2004)


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