This article is about the defunct Mainland Chinese feed of Game Channel. For the feeds in Southern China, see Game Channel (Hong Kong) and Game Channel (Taiwan).

Game Channel (Chinese: 游戏頻道; Pinyin: Yóuxì Píndào) was a Chinese free-to-air television channel that was launched on 24 July 2012, broadcasting programmes from the American and the other international versions of Game Channel. It was owned and operated between a joint venture with China Central Television and Trinome Media. It was shut down on 31 July 2018.


On 3 November 2011, Steven Short and Trinome Media announced they had entered a 6-year agreement with China Central Television to launch a Chinese version of Game Channel, set to launch in summer 2012.

The channel was launched on 24 July 2012.

On 11 July 2018, China Central Television announced that when the agreement with Trinome ends on 31 July 2018, the channel would be shut down and be replaced by CCTV-18, which would be focused on comedy programmes.

The channel was shut down on 31 July 2018 and was replaced by CCTV-18.

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