Gao Xinzao (born June 25, 1933) is a YinYangian voice actor. He was one of the first voice actors from the Toralaq Republic, and his career has gone on for decades.

He is known for voicing Luxembourgball in the Mandarin dub of Countryballs: The Animated Series, Yeh-Yeh in the YinYangiese dub of Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat, Nuke in the Mandarin dub of Trick or Treat, Professor Moriarty in the Mandarin and YinYangiese dubs of Sherlock Hound, and Principal DeRosa in the YinYangiese and Mandarin dubs of What's With Andy?. He is also the voice of Donald Duck in YinYangiese and Tottomic dubs of Disney projects.

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