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   The Gahrtti Republic is a great nation located in Oceania in division with Australia. Its capital is Odyssey City. It was founded in 18 CE as the U Kingdom.


Pre-Garhttians (123 BC-18 CE)

Many years ago, the Polynesian people discovered the large island. The people, as they were called Pre-Garhttians constructed and founded the earliest settlements in the island. The king of the settlements is named Fadar, the first king of Ancient Garhtti, during the Ptolemaic period of Ancient Egypt. The first settlements are called Hulama, Huti and Gataita. in 34 BC. The Garhttian Pyramids are constructed out of the first setttlements in Garthel Nurdestie.

U Kingdom (18 CE-1190)

Before the Thaoc Foundation, the U Kingdom is started in 18 BC in settlement called Ipa Namii as the ancient capital of the U Kingdom.

Thaoc Fundation (1190-1210)

Thaoc Kingdom (1210-1225)

Yeena (1225-1267)

Fhera-Hyue (1267-1289)

Abornal-Fhera War (1397-1456)

Garhttian Kingdom (1456-1489)

Garhttian America (1489-1500)

Garhttian Empire (1500-1508)

Namaka-Garhttian Empire (1508-1678)

In Galagcia, the Namakan-Garhttian Empire founded the domination of Northern Africa.

Garhtti Glory (1678-1867)

Qualician-Garhttian War (1867-1905)

U Independence (1905-1999)

Modern days (1999-present)

Garhtti is today alright.


This nation has 18 counties and 1 free city.

  • Konamo
  • Hopa Sothe
  • Hopa Nothe
  • Cecusino
  • Agbesia
  • Agadosia
  • Himo
  • Nsogittu
  • Ogador
  • Akhaier
  • Thuie
  • Megasaki
  • Juiki
  • Ghasi
  • Gatormi
  • Suki Kiom
  • Sokhes
  • U
  • Eska (a free city)


TV Stations

  • MNCA (Eska)
  • SKH (Sokhes and U)
  • KJIN (Suki Kiom)
  • BCH (Agadosia)


Cilanro and Spaghetti. the Garhttian food.jpg

This country has 11 billion restaurants. One example of cuisine with cilantro and spaghetti is called Cilanro-Spaghetti.

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