Garnett Boastful (b. 4th June, 1932) is a English-German politician and media personality. She is known for being one of the three co-founders of the country of Kuboia alongside John Kunning and Echo Oakley.


Garnett was born on 4th June, 1932 to an English father and a German mother. She resided in the east of London until she was seven. She was separated from her parents at the beginning of World War 2, and fled with her maternal auntie to Ghost Island. During their time there, however, Garnett and her auntie were abused by the "leaders" of Ghost Island, likely due to their German heritage.

After World War 2 ended, and Ghost Island became the country of Jetania, Garnett, who was fifteen years old at the time, fled with another one of Ghost Island's longtime habitats, John Kunning, to the north west of the island.

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