The Gaza-Mou'Xhan Civil War or the Palestine-YinYangia Civil War is a civil war hosted on Mou'Xhan in YinYangia during the YinYangian invasion of the Gaza Strip. The war began on December 31, 1981 during YinYangia annexes the Gaza Strip from Palestine, but it usually ended and no one won the war in July 10, 1994, 5 years before the invasion of the Gaza Strip by YinYangia failed, which was on July 10, 1999.


The YinYangian Civil War Authority

  • Hazie Chinquang
  • Tang Winxao
  • Zhonghae Yazxinga
  • Lilqa Tango
  • Uro Kalawu
  • Ehreash Khudae
YvP War

Countries which fought on the YinYangian side (orange) and Palestinian side (green) 

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