Gedaliah Poraz (May 5, 1940 - June 5, 2017) was an Indian-born Israeli former secret agent of the Mossad and a member of the Bene Israel community.

Gedaliah worked for the Mossad in the 1970's and 1980's. After leaving the Mossad in 1990, he worked as a consultant for a variety of international interests, ranging from politicians to Texan oilmen to tobacco companies to farmers who provided meat and chicken to fast-food restaurants to notorious GMO production company Monsanto to El TV Kadsre Television Network. Gedaliah stated in 2016 that Monsanto had hired him in 1996 to do surveillance on scientists who had connected Roundup weed killer to cancer, and rehired him in 2013 to "spy on and provide information on the movements of" Tami Canal, the leader of the March Against Monsanto movement. Whilst working for El TV Kadsre in the late 1990's and early 2000's, he was involved in the defection and recruitment of actors, artists, animators, musicians, and performers from dictatorships or extreme Islamist countries such as Iran, Libya, Syria, and North Korea. In 2007, a farmer hired by McDonald's asked Poraz to spy on local animal rights activists who had been protesting his practices. Poraz later bribed internet trolls from Something Awful to harass the leader of the activists, Shelly I., who later committed suicide by running in front of an Amtrak train. Prior to his death, Poraz was in the midst of spying on members of Kiwi Farms who were harassing a Wyoming-based cosplayer named Kiko.

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