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Geo Adventure: Reunion is a 2015 platform video game developed by UltraNitro Studios & Snakecore and published by Ubisoft. It is the reboot to the Geo Adventure series. The game was due for a 2014 release, but in April 2014, it was delayed to 2015.

A few weeks before Gamescom 2014 announcement, the release date and the name were leaked. UltraNitro Studios confirmed it the next day.





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Geo Adventure reboot started as for 18th anniversary of the first game in Geo Adventure series. The reboot's development is launched as Michael is the director. The reboot's development started in 2013. It will be for various systems, with 3DS and PS Vita ports being made by SnakeCore. In January 2014, it announced that the game would be released in December 2014.

However, since Eurocom has quietly gone defunct, the Geo Adventure reboot development team at Eurocom moved to Backbone Entertainment. In February 2014, the said development team at Backbone/Eurocom eventually moved to Snakecore, with the rights to main development of the game. In March 2014, the employees, who were developing the game, moved from TT Fusion to UltraNitro Studios, which means that Geo Adventure 2015 is the first non-racing game from UltraNitro Studios.

In April of the same year, it was announced to be delayed until a 2015 release.

Konami sold the publishing rights to "Balls" in May 2014, but was sold to Deep Silver with distribution rights in a public auction after Balls Corporation filed for bankruptcy. In 3 August 2014, Deep Silver tweeted that the release date will be unveiled in Gamescom 2014.

Ubisoft then acquired the rights to Geo Adventure: Reunion after the game was leaked.

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