Hello! I'm Geo Guy, the king of 123 Geo's World."

George "Geo Guy" GoGo Conner (better known as Geo Guy) is the main protagonist from Geo's World and a character in Greeny Phatom.

About Geo Guy

In 1981, a guy named Gabriel Garcia made a character called Geo Guy. The character was a originally a comic character in the comics called Geo's World. In the late 80's, When the show was aired on TV, the main character didn't even looked like Geo Guy and even was called Geo Guy. Geo Guy was a stick figure and the name was Neo Guy instead of Geo Guy. In said time period, The creator made the stick figure to have a sexy look. The name was still Neo Guy. But in 1987-present, The creator changed the stick figure to a white character and the name was changed to Geo Guy. In Geo's World, Geo Guy had friends, such as Green Bob, Dr. Beanson, Dr. PBS, Geo Girl and more!

What was Geo Guy into?

Well, Geo Guy was a freak. In his show, he acted as a prankster.

Jacob's World

In the comics, Geo Guy first appeared as a sixth character in a comic called Jacob meets Geo Guy. Geo Guy was not into the Simpsons in the comics. He also mentioned that he used to see MegaMind before.


His superhero form, SuperGeo, was seen in the Geo's World episode "Geo Guy defeats Big Guy" and in Greeny Phatom The Movie. In Geo Guy defeats Big Guy, he was undefeated, while in GPTM, Little Guy got revenge on him for destroying Pinky Info Robot by throwing him into an arcing transformer in Florida, burning him to death (though Geo Guy (not as SuperGeo) is seen alive and well later on in the movie).


  • In the Dutch dubs of all Greenytoons he appears in, he is voiced by Robert ten Brink, who was the first host of BankGiro Miljonairs and former host of Lingo, former news reporter of NOS Jeugdjournaal.


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