Here is Zeta's Geography.

Physical Zeta

Since Zeta is located in the Himalayas, the country's altitude is over 2000. Curiously, a fragment of the Mount Everest (The true world's biggest mountain, the fictional being Mount Osten in Victoria) is there.


Zeta suffer of the Mountain's Cold, but in Zeta was flat, its climate would be Tropical to Sub-Tropical.


It is impossible to Zeta suffer of Tsunamis because it is landlocked, also, the possibility of a Tornado hitting Zeta is 1 in 200.

Unfourtenally, Zeta suffer of Earthquakes becuase it's between the Eurasian Plate and the Indo-Australian Plate. The last Quake happened in 2018 and the biggest in 1999.


It is estimated that you can find 1 person per 32.6 meters. The country is the 20th country with more people in.

Time Zone

The country have 2 Time Zones: Ninxe (West) and Rasse (East). When it's 7 PM in Ninxe, it's 8 PM in Rasse.


Zeta is the 16th biggest country in the world having 1, 7 million km2.

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