Geoshea Studio is a 2003 simulation program developed by Geoshea Games, Co. and published by Universal Interactive. It was originally released for the Universal Odyssey in 2003. It is the seventh game in the Geoshea series.


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Gabriel Garcia wanted to create an "ultimate game making program" that was supposed to be revolutionary. He used the modified GeoBob Engine SDK and gathered a big group of programmers, artists, designers and animators, to create Geoshea Studio. Geoshea Studio has been updated by The Geoshea Studio Development Team since the release for PC.

After the Steam release, the game was expanded to vector graphics/raster graphics editor, animation program, level editor, integrated development environment, rich internet application, debugging application, computer graphics software, animation software, compositing solution, artificial intelligence software, lighting software, online multiplayer and matchmaking middleware, engine programming program, GUI library and much more, all in one update, which was Version "Ultimate" (1.5).

They started using Yosemite engine after 5.0.0 update (2008).[1]


Cover arts

Universal Odyessy cover art


Sonic the Hedgehog


  • This was the only game in the Geoshea series that was not released in Japan.


  1. There's one game engine which is an open source version and a combination of source codes and engines used in Universal Odyssey, GameCube and PS2 versions of Grand Theft Auto: Geoshea Edition with heavily modified features of CryEngine, GeoBob Engine, GeoBob Engine 2, RenderWare, Euphoria, Scaleform and Unreal Engine etc. That engine is called Yosemite and for example, it was used in Geoshea Studio by Geoshea Studio Development Team after the 5th main update (5.0.0) in 2008.

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