Gethers is the name of the children's block on El TV Kadsre 2. It was originally known as "El TV Kadsre 2 for Children" from 1983-1988 before the name was changed to coincidence with the original El TV Kadsre for Children (now ETVKK) becoming El TV Kadsre for Kids.


1983-1988 (as El TV Kadsre 2 for Children)

1988-2002 (the original Gethers)

2002-2005 (The Gethers Family)

The surrounding segments from 2002-2004 was The Gethers Family, produced by Nelvana and Protocol Entertainment in association with El TV Kadsre Television. The segments were filmed in Toronto with both Canadian and El Kadsreian performers.

2006-2020 (Meet the Gethers)


The Gethers were created by El TV Kadsre Animation and Ink Project last year to make the El TV Kadsre 2 kids block more fun and dynamic. These serveal animated bumpers and children announcer known as continuity and promos.

2020-present (Gethers 2.0)


Current (as of 2020)

  • Bluey
  • Eckhart
  • Tomorrow's Nadja
  • Trulli Tales
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