Gianni Panariello (born August 8, 1944) is a Brazilian music composer and television producer. Gianni's best known work is soundtrack compositions for Rede Horizonte programs alongside the network's founder Wágner Malyan.


Gianni was born in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina to Italian immigrants from Verona.

He began his career as a singer-songwriter, performing in nightclubs in São Paulo and writing English lyrics for his friend Wágner Malyan's band Janela Quebrada alongside Chico Queiros Távora who wrote the Portuguese songs' lyrics.

When Wágner entered the world of producing songs, Gianni became his "co-composer", often Gianni would compose the song and Wágner would assist and produce, or vice-versa. The two wrote, composed & produced "We Ran Away At Last!", the Brazilian entry for the 1993 Eurovision Song Contest.

At the end of 2004, Gianni retired from Rede Horizonte to focus on his family, he and Wágner named Will Serrano as Gianni's successor.

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